LAUNCH 'Co-Lab Research'

Eine neue Internet-Plattform / 'Knowledge Hub on Collaborative Housing'

Co-Lab Research :: Launch

Dear friends and colleagues,
I’m pleased to share with you our new website ‘Co-Lab Research’, a knowledge hub on Collaborative Housing


The website brings together the wide variety of research and (mutual) learning activities on collaborative housing that we carry out at the Department of Management in the Built Environment (MBE), Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the TU Delft.

At Co-Lab Research, you will learn about our work on:
•    Research projects
•    Publications
•    Teaching activities (including master graduation thesis and lectures)
•    Social impact activities (public speaking, training, participation in working groups, etc.)
•    News and Events
•    Opportunities for working and/or partnering with us
•    We hope you find the content of our website useful and inspiring. Please feel free to disseminate this further amongst your networks.
Do get in touch with us with any feedback, news to share, and/or interest to collaborate with us!

All the best,
Darinka Czischke and Sara Brysch
Co-Lab Research managing team